Gwenda Branjerdporn Art

I am am artist producing fine art.

I use oils, acrylic, watercolour and soft pastels and oil pastels.

My work is collectable.

I have been painting for 20 years.

I have a Fine Art degree .


I became very ill quite exepectantly while I was working as a Mum of two girls.  I suffered chronic fatigue syndrome.  I was bedridden for two years very ill unable to take more than a few steps.  After a few years my husband encouraged me to get out once a week and try a TAFE Enrichment course a few hours a week.  I did this and enjoyed it very much.  I did this for two years.  Then I went to TAFE for a year to persue art full time.  This allowed me to be admitted unto Griffith University where I studied Art, and finished with a Bachelor of Fine Art.

I really did not know much about art, drawing, painting, different mediums, tools, etc at all.  I just learnt as I went along.

I was in a class at TAFE with much younger teenagers, and in Uni with just out of school teenagers also.  They were very good and been doing art for many years.  I just did what I could, when I could.  I would work everywhere, outside, on the dining room table, and do small tasks when I could.

I grew to love art, the challenge of it, and learning new things.  I researched different Artists, and got to love different ones.  I especially loved the art of Margaret Olley, an Australian artist, recently passed away.  Her work was beautiful, I loved colours.

During our critique at Uni, one of the Directors of the Art Gallery of Queensland told me that my colour combinations, and use of colour was very good.  It came naturally to me, which I loved.

So in spite of a difficult illness coming my way, a beautiful skill has come to me also.  Life may show up with difficulties for you also, and you can turn your life around like I did, and take up an artistic skill.

I started painting after an illness which put me into bed for 2 years.  I slowly recovered and went to an Enrichment TAFE course for 2 years.  I so loved the art that I would come down and work on it all week before returning to do art the next week.


I then was encouraged to go to TAFE full time and do an Art course.  I did this for one year which enabled me to apply to University with my Portfolio of Art.  I was accepted into the College of Art, Morningside, Brisbane.  Then the College moved to South Bank Brisbane to the University of South Brisbane, where Art was an offered as a subject.  We were the first students in the brand new beautiful building.


I majored in Painting.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2004.  Since then I have been painting and and exhibiting yearly with Visionaries Group, a group of artists specialising in Christian art.


I had my first solo major art exhibition in 2016.  I worked hard for this exhibition, producing about 26 new art works.

Varnished my oil paintings with Damar varnish and Gum Turpentine.  I usually wait for 6 months before I varnish so the oil paint has stopped moving.  Now it may take 3-4 days for the varnish to be completely dry.

I am inspired by what I see around me.  When I paint this it takes on a different dimension.  When I paint in oils or acrylic, I am adding into the image I have, colours that will bring this image to life.  I love colour and beautiful things:  so this is what I paint.  Mostly I paint things I have seen from travelling in Australia.  Art can bring you great joy because of the image you see that reminds you of something you love, or an experience you have had, or you may just love the colours.  The colours may add beauty to your room or office, and bring you a sense of peace or joy.  I do hope that my paintings bring you joy or peace.  Please email me and let me know what you like about my work.

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