Gwenda Branjerdporn Art

Art from the Heart -- Gwenda Branjerdporn Art

I am a Brisbane, Australian artist. 


My art is colourful and contemporary in style.  I use oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolour.


This collection of art is constantly being added to as I paint.


Art is timeless.   It can add value as the years go by, and the artist becomes well known and collected.


It will bring colour and beauty to your home or office.  It is suitable for any place in your home, and also in an office, or corporate setting, medical suite, or business setting.


Art is a very good gift to give to someone you love, a farewell gift, a corporate gift, a special achievement award, a birthday or anniversary gift, a  gift for every occasion.


I am influenced by the beauty and colour of this country, and around the world.  I trust that the art you purchase once and once again or more will bring a great sense of beauty and peace to your surroundings.


My art is made in Australia, and products used are purchased in Australia, although some may come from places around the world.

I have been painting since about 1998.  I love painting and it is a great passion of mine, it motivates me so much and it is a great challenge sometimes getting the colour to work.


I went back to University in 2001 and studied Fine Art at Griffith University, Brisbane, and graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Fine Art.  I was on the Dean of the University's Honours list  2002 because I received a Distinction in every subject. 

Previously I was a High School Teacher, and also a had a Graduate Diploma of Applied Science in Teacher Librarianship.


Gwenda giving an award to Gemma at her Exhibition





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